Your Quick-Guide to Pursuing Your Passion (Especially When You Fear Failure)

Your twenties.

The era that many expect failure – and where it’s okay to make mistakes.

But, you may already have made the biggest mistake – the one that will impact you for years and decades to come.

Which mistake, you might ask?

The mistake of making the choice to believe the belief that you are only worth your output.

That your human potential to create, succeed, and change-make, is dictated by your college degree (or lack thereof), your 9-to-5, or your darkest fears.

I’m going to write this for the people that are sensing that it’s time for a change.

For a revolutionary new part of your life to begin…

The part of your life that makes you want to live freely…

Not where you live to work, dead-eyed and chasing the Brooklyn brownstone or that dreamy vintage studio apartment in L.A…

But bringing you back to that part of you that wants to live in reckless abandon and have that unrelenting confidence that is all too easily lost.

The confidence that you are living to your fullest potential – and that you feel confident in where you are in this moment.

I get it – because that’s what I’ve been walking through for years.

Starting Copybean was a huge leap of faith. I felt like the entire industry and path to success was gatekept. I was trapped in a 9-to-5, a working mom, and a college student. Pulled in a million directions. But I still sought more…

My story wasn’t over yet.

And neither is yours.

The first step I took in following my passion was granting permission of self.

Permission to make mistakes, pick up, and keep going.

Because, let’s be honest – no stakes are too high nor punishment too great that will overshadow you not living to your fullest potential.

I write this post not just for you, but as a reminder to me as well. 

Any endeavor you take in following your dream and life’s purpose will be limited if you allow your fears to rule your reality.

There may not be a quick guide to instant success anywhere. On the contrary – success takes complete dedication, diligence, and metric tons of failure.

But there is a paradigm shift when you actively are aware of your mindset and the lies or truths it is giving you on a regular basis.

Give yourself the full and complete permission to fall FLAT on your face. On the agreement that you will GET UP when that happens and KEEP MOVING.

Be willing to accept that your vision of passion may change – and that’s okay! Be fluid and adapt. You may even find greater success after traumatic change.

Take. That. Friggen. Leap.

I can’t wait to be alongside you as we work through this together.