Time-Saving HACK – The #1 Secret to Master Your Email Like a Pro Entrepreneur

Hi friend. I want to let you in on something – your time is your most precious, unique, and easily-lost asset.

SHOCKING NEWS: Did you know that the average person (in a pool of 1,000 participants) spends a total of 5.5 hours in their inbox…DAILY?! (Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. Read more here.)

You have a life to live! The very last place you should be is busy responding to emails…especially repetitious inbox items, like client orders or informational requests.

The same information…typed over and over again…and again. How many hours do you think you’ve spent?

Rather than outsource to an expensive VA (and risk the tonality or text of the email not reading like you want…) I have the perfect time-saving hack for you.

Surprisingly, not many people command the inbox using the tools that Gmail has provided just under our noses.

It’s especially hard to create a tailored landing pad in the inbox if we aren’t particularly tech-savvy.

The good news? You don’t have to be!

Here’s the step-by-step skinny to get you those precious hours back. Let’s go!

  1. Enter Gmail as you normally would. Click on Compose, as if you were to draft an email. It’s the cute pencil icon!

2. Draft a generic response, including the Subject line, the content, and the interchangeable content that will vary by message. I like to denote this with XXXXX so it is hard to miss – and minimizes your mistakes in the heat of a moment!

3. NEXT, Go to the ellipses (the three dots) next to the trash icon – you’ll see the TEMPLATES option populate. (If you don’t, never fear – watch my 1-minute video on how to enable this in your account if it doesn’t show.)

4. Then, simply follow the prompts to save your draft as a new template, and give it a snazzy (and recognizable) name!

You’ll be saving those crucial hours in no time – and think of how much potential (and mental stamina) this unlocks for you!

Here’s to your future success!