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Have you ever wondered what your life would look like if you dove into one of the hottest freelancing niches of 2021?

That’s right – ghostwriters are revolutionizing the world of freelancing by offering paid writing services with years of expertise behind them: and make an average of $50.00-$150.00 per hour depending on experience.

I got the privilege of interviewing Jen, a freelance ghostwriter, and ask her to give me her “day in the life.” I literally got SO EXCITED at the prospect of spreading the word about ghostwriting, as it is often misunderstood – and not given the attention it truly deserves!

I’m proud to introduce you to a fellow freelancer and friend in the writing space, Jen B!

My Story: Building My Ghostwriting Career (image courtesy of Jen B)

“If you asked me a year ago, “Jen, what’s your life like these days?” I never would have thought to say, “Oh, I’m a ghostwriter.”

Alas, that’s what happened!

Getting paid to write books is a dream job. I won’t lie and say it is perfect, or that there isn’t a certain degree of hard work and stress involved. But overwhelmingly, I love my spooky side hustle to pieces.

In this blog post, I am delighted to be able to share a sneak peek into my life as a professional ghostwriter.

What is a ghostwriter?

This is probably the most common question I get asked. Let’s start by breaking up the term. First, we have the word “ghost.”

In the writing world, this refers to the anonymity provided to clients. Unlike authors who pen a manuscript themselves, people who hire ghostwriters do not actually write their own books. Instead, they pay a ghostwriter to carry out the task for them. Then, they put their name on the work.


It could be for any number of reasons. Perhaps the client lacks the time necessary to complete a full-length novel. Or maybe they aren’t subject matter experts. It also could be the case that the individual has creative ideas, but simply doesn’t possess the ability to draft, edit, or get inspiration out of their brain and down onto a piece of paper. This is where the second half of the term “ghostwriter” comes into play.

As writing professionals, we know how to collaborate with an author so that the book ends up staying true to their vision, minus the anxiety of actually having to write the whole dang thing. Plus, we get paid for our expertise. A win-win!

The wonderful thing about ghostwriters is that we come in all shapes and sizes. Personally, I write non-fiction and paranormal romance (a weird combination, I know…) However, there are ghostwriters for every genre. Romance, sci-fi, horror, mystery, dystopian, western — you name it, there’s a ghostwriter for that.

A typical day in the life of your local ghostwriter

My life as a ghostwriter reflects the fact that I do this very much on a part-time basis. What does that mean? Early mornings. Late nights. And coffee. Cups upon cups of caffeine-rich coffee! I generally wake up around 6:00 AM and write for a full hour. Then it’s time for breakfast. After walking the dog, I check my emails/messages, reply to any new inquiries, and then it’s off to my 9–5 job. On a good day, I also hammer out a few thousand words before bed. Saturdays are reserved for writing. I take Sundays off.

Is it busy? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

Ultimately, the beauty of being a ghostwriter is that each week is different. One day, I might be working on a 10,000-word eBook about land development for a real-estate company. The next, I could be typing up sexy dialogue between a sparkly vampire and his forbidden werewolf bride (both actual books I have worked on).

There really is no “typical” day. For me, this is what makes ghostwriting so much fun.

And there you have it, reader!

A little sneak peek into the life of a ghostwriter.

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